• Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Beacosystem*

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    What you need to know to design, create and deploy proximity solutions


    How to survive and prosper as our digital and physical worlds collide



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    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem

  • Knowledge is key

    There has been a major disruption to the technology ecosystem.  The digital and physical worlds are converging.  


    Its important to understand the capabilities and limitations of what can be done as well as the structure of the emerging ecosystem.

    It's a land rush 

    Major opportunities and risks are manifesting themselves. There will be winners and losers in the race to respond.  


    Understanding the ecosystem and the capabilities that are unfolding is essential. 

  • Rich Content

    A book so rich in content, you will need a glass of milk while you read it.

    * Thanks to Sean O'Sullivan, CEO of LocalSocial for letting us use the term he coined, "Beacosystem".  Our book is not connected (other than via serendipity) with Aisle Labs' excellent report The Hitchhikers Guide to iBeacon Hardware .

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    Examples of events and publications where we have spoken, written or have been quoted

    Link to our article on Cisco

    Cisco is disrupting the Beacosystem with its new CMX Beacon Point vBeacon product. Moving beacons with a point and a click promises to change the way we look at the Total Cost of Ownership of large beacon developments.

    Bringing Brands Into the Fold, inMarket Touts Its ‘Three-Sided’ Beacon Network

    So what’s the secret of making money with beacons? Our interview with one of the CEOs that is doing so.

    TTF Site

    Dublin: April 5-6 2017 - Ticketing Technology Forum showcases the latest innovations, summarizes the state of the industry, offering discussions & guidelines to take the industry into the future.

    Panel: Re-Inventing the Consumer and Enterprise Experience with IoT

    Boston: Dec. 6-7 2016 - Chairing the panel on "Re-Inventing the Consumer and Enterprise Experience with IoT" on facing the challenges of growing urban populations with the latest IoT technology.

    Checkout our guest blog post for SITA - the airport technology leader

    Digital and Physical Worlds Collide

    Our guest blog post for the leading provider of technology infrastructure for airports and airlines explores how beacons are changing air travel.

    Checkout the article we were quoted in The WSJ

    For Manufacturers, Beacons Signal a Host of Benefits​  

    [improving] quality control, efficiency and worker safety - A series of conversations with the WSJ on beacons  yielded a quote.


    How Big Is The Beacon Marketplace For Retail? It could very well be worth $40 billion in the US alone this year. Proximity industry veteran Stephen Statler does the math.

    Spoke about the future of beacons at  Bluetooth World as well as chairing a panel with experts from Shopkick, Euclid Analytics, HP Aruba and Radius Networks.

    Spoke on "Bluetooth Beacons: The State of the Industry & Retail Applications" and moderated the panel on "Bluetooth Beacons" at the Bluetooth SIG European conference

    Spoke on  "The Guiding Light of PoS - Beacons" August 17 – 20, 2015 • Caesars Palace | Las Vegas

    Beacons Reaching Millennial Moms — But Are They Motivating Them to Buy?

    We commented on this research. Compelling numbers from inMarket showing that 38% of millennial moms are using beacon-enabled apps.

    Unacast Partners With LBMA And New Location Essentials On Global Proximity Directory

    A story about the growth of the New Location Essentials vendor directory which has now become Proxbook

    We provided a Bluetooth Thought Leadership Interview

    Moderated the Bluetooth beacon panel and the Growth & Development panel with Nokia Growth partners, Indigogo and Quirky for the plenary session.

    Link to our Eddystone Article

    Is Google’s Eddystone The Donald Trump Of The Beacosystem? Google's system has proximity observers salivating like late night comics over an over-the-top presidential hopeful.

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